Clogged Toilet

In the Twin Cities, clogged toilet cleaning is something that happens every single day. This is because a lot of things go down toilet drains. From items that are supposed to be flushed to items that aren’t, we have everything needed to solve the problem the right way.

Whether or not the issue is due to something that should or should not have been flushed, a toilet clog needs to be taken care of immediately. Until it is rectified, you don’t have use of your toilet, and that can be seriously inconvenient for everyone. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul drain and sewer cleaning professionals will assess the problem, find the best way to fix it, and take care of it as soon as possible so you have use of your toilet back.

Solving Your Clogged Toilet Problems

There are many reasons why a toilet becomes clogged. While too much toilet paper is a common issue, the following are other causes:

  • Child toys thrown into the toilet and flushed
  • Tooth brushes
  • Trying to flush baby wipes that aren’t meant to be flushed
  • Flushing feminine products down the toilet
  • Flushing paper towels down the toilet

There are so many things that can cause a toilet drain to become clogged. Chances are we have experienced them all, so nothing is a surprise to us. It is this fact that we have experienced so many different types of clogs that we have the experience to get your toilet back in good working order. Knowledge and experience are everything and we have both.

There For You In An Emergency

If your toilet is overflowing and damage is occurring or could occur as a result of the overflow, then you most likely have an emergency. Simply call us and we will send our St. Paul & Minneapolis drain and sewer cleaning professionals over to your home to solve the problem as quickly as possible. The purpose of our fast response is to ensure that the damage is minimized or completely eliminated. By doing so, money is saved on repairs to your bathroom and money is what we want you to save. That is why we are there for you any time you have an issue with any aspect of your plumbing.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service

A clogged toilet can be highly frustrating because that means not being able to flush and not being able to flush can be a major inconvenience. If you are dealing with a toilet that is clogged and won’t unclog or it is becoming clogged frequently, it’s time for professional assistance. Call Emergency Rooter today at 651-351-5424. We offer 24/7 emergency services!