Clogged Drain Cleaning

Twin Cities Clogged Drain Cleaning

You use your tub or your sink and find that the drain is running slow or not at all. The contents are just not going down and that more or less makes your tub or sink useless. The only option is to clear out the clog. Sure, you may be tempted to run to the local hardware store and buy a snake or pick up some liquid drain cleaner, but that stuff doesn’t always do the trick. Plus, it can be easy to damage your drains and cause a more expensive issue or cause serious injury.

At Emergency Rooter, we can unclog your drain the right way so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the drain. Proper unclogging also ensures the clog is completely gone. As premier Minneapolis and St. Paul residential plumbers, we want to help you ensure your drains are running the way they should.

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Because of the number of drains you have throughout your home, clogs are going to happen at different times and they may clog for different reasons. Some of those reasons include:

Bathroom drains

Hair and soap tend to be the main culprits behind drain clogs. These substances get caught in the pipe or trap. There are different unclogging techniques that can be used to make sure the blockage is cleared the right way. When it is gone, the drain will allow wastewater to drain out like normal.

Kitchen drains

The kitchen drain sees a lot of waste in the way of grease, food, soap, and detergents. These substances built up along the inside of the pipe, which then leads to the blockage. There are different unclogging methods that can be used to get your kitchen drains running like new again.


It can be easy to forget about your downspouts because they are out of sight a lot of times. When a downspout clogs, it can cause water to back up and exit a way it isn’t supposed to. This leads to water pooling in areas where it shouldn’t. If the issue is allowed to persist, it can lead to a more expensive issue.

Floor drains

Floor drains catch a lot of debris and it can build up over time. That buildup can then begin to smell bad as the drain ceases to function correctly, so it is important to have the drain cleared so that you don’t have to deal with the many inconveniences that come with having a clogged floor drain.

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Whether your clogged drain issue is an emergency or not, our Twin Cities residential plumbers are there for you when we’re needed. We want to be your go-to any time that you are faced with a plumbing issue, creating a relationship that can last for many years to come.

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A clogged drain can create a great inconvenience because it is practically rendered useless. To get use of your drain back, it is best to have it cleaned by the professionals who have the right tools to ensure that it is really a clog causing the problem. If it is a clog, then it can be taken care of. To learn more, call us at 651-351-5424 and request a estimate.